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The consumer discovery process is sometimes dramatic. Many buyers will consult as many people or authorities as possible before they can buy a given product or service. Some of the most popular places consumers found information in the old days was the consumer report magazine. The magazine while educating them about various products available to them also helped them avoid making mistake with regards to the choices they made in the market place.

On the Internet, consumers rely on information that’s current and available immediately. Real customer reviews on e-commerce websites like Amazon enable consumers to associate a certain level of satisfaction to a given vendor or product ultimately enabling them to become smarter shoppers who make minimal mistakes.

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Student consumers on essay writing platforms

It is an undeniable fact that custom essay writing companies provide an excellent resource for students at all levels. By offloading the responsibility of writing their own essays to professionals, students are free to engage in whatever else interests them. Unfortunately, it can be extremely challenging for them to find a vendor that’ll give them proper satisfaction the first time because most of them lack customer reviews. With the young age of many custom essay writing companies, consumers are also finding it rough getting information by third parties about essay writing companies if any. That is why students have to cultivate a culture of reading extensive reviews for essay writing services on

Why we started is an essay writing service review website. With that said, we rate and review what different custom essay writing company’s offer to their consumers. Students who go through our website make fewer mistakes, particularly when it comes to avoiding rogue writing agencies. We also created this website to help cut the time required by students to research and find excellent providers. Initially, students spend a very long time researching companies, and what they offered on multiple websites.

How works

We have been collecting real customer reviews about essay writing companies for a long time. Once our users shared their ratings and comments for each service, our team used them to come up with scores rating different companies. These are used to create a list of top agencies as a recommendation. Note that the recommendations depend 100% on customer feedback.

We also have another part of the reviews that comes from real experts. They investigate and write a summary describing each custom essay writing service.